Citizenship of Vanuatu

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In collaboration with Vanuatu Life Style Ltd., we present you the unique opportunity to obtain citizenship of Vanuatu and to travel the world (including the EU) visa-free.

About Vanuatu

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Republic of Vanuatu is located in the west of South Pacific. The country is made up by 83 islands ( 68 of them are inhabited) which belong to Melanesia Islands. The largest island is Espiritu Santo which is about 3974 Sq km with an annual rainfall of 1600 mm. 98% of the population are Ni-Vanuatu which belong to Melanesian. Vanuatu has predominantly British Law System, it is a Commonwealth Nation with British & French Management System.

The country has been ruled by Britain and France for 74 years. It became independent on July 30th 1980, It is member of the UN Nation from 1981. Vanuatu has established diplomatic relations with China in 1982.

Tourism is one of the most important industry for the country. It delivers about 40% of the GDP of the island. Most of its tourists are coming from Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. For productive activities, mostly agriculture, the agricultural products can meet 65% of the country’s daily requirements. Meanwhile, fishing and livestock are also main economical activities of the country.

How to get to Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu operated direct flights to Australia, New Zealand. Fiji Airways runs flight from Nadi to Port Vila. Beijing-Sydney-Port Vila (13h50min) Hong Kong-Sydney-Port Vila(12h30min) New Zealand- Port Vila (4h30min) Fiji-Port Vila (2h30min). Vanuatu is enlarging its airport, and will run direct flight to China which will reduce the flight duration to 8 hours.

Domestic airlines are mainly run by Air Vanuatu and some small private companies whose main business is charter flight. Those flights connect the capital Port Vila with other islands. And for small islands near Port Vila, people can just go there by ship. The road condition of the main island is close to ideal. And it is very convenience to go outside either by bus or by renting a car.

The economy of Vanuatu’s

The main industry of Vanuatu are agriculture (coffee, pepper, cocoa, copra), tourism, offshore financial services and livestock. Lots of foreign tourists like diving, walking, swimming and going to sea. Therefore tourism is the main source of Vanuatu foreign currency inflow. As the place of origin of the bungee, Ni-Vanuatu are also proud of it. Vanuatu offshore financial service began at 1970s. Meanwhile, Vanuatu made a “Vanuatu International Company Act” whose function is similar to the “International Commercial Company Act. Moreover, Vanuatu has no income tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and foreign exchange control. Other smaller industries are mining and fishing. All these industries together build up a 770 million US dollars GDP for the country.

National Education in Vanuatu

Visa free educational accompanying-children of Vanuatu citizen can apply international school in China with a lower score, easier access to famous university in & out of China and test free to access China’s top universities (Tsinghua University).

Vanuatu international School are equipped with Australian teachers, which are highly internationalized, the lessons are all in English. The fees of international schools there are always lower than the fees in other countries (China, EU, Russia, etc.). Graduates from international schools in Vanuatu can attend British College entrance exam to apply for British College.

Vanuatu citizenship is the key for the kids to apply British international school and enjoy Commonwealths nation benefits. It also provides convenience for the parents to inspect the school and visit their kids in these international schools.

Introduction to the citizenship program of Vanuatu

Features of the Program:

  • Vanuatu Development Support Program is the only Passport program in the South Pacific & Oceania Countries, and also the fastest program on the market. The passport can be received within 20 days to 1 month;
  • The passport is one of the few passports in the world that allows visa-free travel to Russia. Therefore the program is especially suitable for people who have connection with Russia;
  • Vanuatu program is recorded in the “Vanuatu Citizenship Act”. The program is supported by the Vanuatu government;
  • The program can achieve company overseas listing and asset global allocation-the country has a complete legal system with extremely low tax (no global taxation). There is no personal income tax, no business tax, no capital tax, no real estate tax, no inheritance tax, no gift tax and no withholding tax.
  • After obtaining Vanuatu passport, you can register a Vanuatu offshore company to enjoy additional benefits, while you can also operate the company overseas (ie in the EU, China, Russia).
  • Best choice for international businessman-visa free to 121 countries and regions including the 26 Schengen countries, the EU, Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore. Visa free to the UK (after Brexit) and Ireland for 6 months.

Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is called DSP for short. The program is based on the “Citizenship (Development Support Program) Regulation” in 2017

The donation amount

The DSP simplified application procedures makes the whole process effective and extremely convenient. According to the “Citizenship (Development Support Program) Regulation”, the applicant will become Vanuatu citizen after a 80 000 US dollars donation to the Vanuatu government.

For single applicant, the client need to pay FIU fees, legal fees and application fees and 80 000 US dollars donation.

For a family of 4 (kids are not older than 18 years), the donation will be about 130 000 US dollars.

The time-frame

The whole process can be done with 1-2 months.

Conditions for Vanuatu Citizenship Application

The main applicant must:

  • be between 18-65 years old;
  • produce Health Certificate;
  • have completed the 80 000 US dollars donation to Vanuatu Government;
  • have no No Criminal Record.

The dependents of the applicant must:

  • the children of the main applicant must be under 18 years of age;
  • the children who are between 18 and 25 need to be economically dependent of the main applicant;
  • the parents of the main applicant or its spouse must be over 50 and economically dependent.

The Vanuatu passport application process

Due diligence and preparation of the documents

We will carry out the required due diligence procedure and will assist you about the preparation of the documents.

FIU check and application

When the client get the copy of the FIU Check from Vanuatu government, the client needs to pay 25% of the fees.

Official approval

When the client receives the copy of the “Approval in Principle”, he needs to pay the remaining of the fees.

State oath and receipt of passport

We will arrange the Visa officer to come to the country of the applicant for the oath ceremony and to issue the passport.

After-sale services for VIP clients

After-sale service for VIP clients (correct way of use the passport, personal financial account opening, offshore company register, trust management, offshore bank service and other related financial services). For more information, please visit VD&A Family office services.

Requirements for the Vanuatu Passport Application

  • Application Forms;
  • Identification documents, Passport, ID card in English, Marriage certificate in English, Birth certificate in English, CV, passport photo;
  • Notary copy of the criminal record in English;
  • Asset Certificate showing the applicant has net-worth of not less than 250 000 US dollars (we will fully assist here).

Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

Fast track to become a citizen of a Commonwealth Nation

The only citizenship by investment country of Oceania with effective procedures to get the passport in 1-3 months.

Global taxation with personal zero personal tax

Tax haven, paradise on earth, no personal income tax, no personal withholding tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax and no currency exchange controls.

Covering the whole family with 3 generations

The application covers the main applicant, his dependents as well as his parents, as explained above.

And of course, visa-free travel

Visa free to 121 countries and regions, including Schengen zone, EU and Russia, as well as to many other countries.