Interview for Bulgarian citizenship – huge delays (unacceptable)



Bulgarian citizenship interview anyone? Sure, come back next year…

people waiting for Bulgarian passport

Clients complaining

Recently, many clients have expressed their concerns, because they can’t book an appointment for their citizenship interview. The problems started after the temporary measures due to the covid-19 were introduced in March 2020 and sub-sequentially lifted. It appears now that the website of the Bulgarian Citizenship Directorate accepts appointments no earlier than approximately one year ahead! And the only option to book an appointment is through the website.

Scandalous? Absolutely!

The official explanation

The official explanation sounds of course logical. There is enormous interest from foreign nationals to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. Therefore the authorities are working full steam from dawn till dusk. All days are fully booked and the next available slot can be reserved through the online system. The authorities understand that one year waiting time is way too long, but there are simply no more administrative resources in the “Citizenship Council”.

Do we accept that? Of course not! Our clients deserve better treatment for sure!

Our actions and how can we help you if you can’t book a slot for your Bulgarian citizenship interview

We can certainly state that such delays are prime example of “Bad Administration”. And this is unacceptable under EU rules.

Justice delayed is justice denied

Because of these unacceptable delays, we are at the moment establishing close contacts with the responsible officials from the Ministry of Justice, the Citizenship Council and the Ombudsman of Bulgaria.

Our help

We believe we are already in position to help most of you, who are experiencing difficulties with the interview booking procedure. Therefore we urge you, if you can not book your citizenship interview to be held in reasonable time, to contact us asap for assistance. We do not promise we can help everybody. There are different cases with different circumstances (ie people with re-scheduled interviews due to the covid situation, etc.) and the successful outcome can not be guaranteed.

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