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Citizenship of Bulgaria – full EU citizenship with all the bells and whistles

This is the official blog of our main website Bulgarian-citizenship.org – the ultimate guide on how to obtain Bulgarian Citizenship. While the main options and opportunities are covered on the main website, in this blog we are updating current issues, cover news and events, as well as allow users to interact with our call centers with their questions and concerns.

While the main emphasis is placed on the procedures of the best and most affordable fast-track EU citizenship program – the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program, the other options to obtain Bulgarian (EU) citizenship are covered as well. If your aim is Bulgarian citizenship by origin, citizenship by birth, citizenship through marriage, by general naturalization or for special merits – we will be able to assist you with either consultation or on turn-key basis.

Citizenship of third countries that allow visa-free travel to the EU – opportunities not to be missed

We will even explore the available options for living (residing) in Bulgaria without obtaining full Bulgarian citizenship and even other citizenship and residency options of third countries that may allow visa-free travel (or full residency) to Bulgaria and the rest of the EU.

So have fun and take a dive in a journey that may (and should) change your way of life forever. Explore the possibilities of how to obtain the freedom that each and everyone of us deserves- unconditionally!